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Born in 1974, Ed grew up in suburban Chicagoland in a home filled with music, and a respect for history and nostalgia. His interests haven't changed much over the years; he still draws in every free moment, he listens to a lot of the same music, he still reads comics and he still has an enormous love of Star Wars.

He attended college at Ringling School of Art and Design, and immediately knew that art was his calling.

Ed returned to Chicago, and eventually found work as a Graphic Designer. Following time spent at a local ad paper, he got a job that took him into the city proper. Once it was clear that he was working in the worst job of his life, he returned to the suburban paper and soon became its production manager.

The dream of comics still alive in his heart, Ed moved to Orlando to join fellow aspiring comics artist Joel Carroll to chase that dream like starved weasels on a chicken ranch. Soon after the move a graphic design job at Golf Channel opened up, and so began a happy and creative chapter in Ed's life. The job was challenging, but rewarding, and in his spare time Ed kept drawing and writing comics. Things were starting to happen.

After seven years in Orlando, and just before he would return to his hometown, there came a call to adventure. An opportunity to chase down and accomplish another life-long dream, that of living in Japan, had arisen, and Ed took it. He spent a year and a half as an English teacher for elementary and junior high school students, as well as learning about Japanese culture, food history and people. It was an immediately rewarding and enriching experience that he'll never regret nor forget.

Ed currently lives in Chicago working on illustration, graphic design, and of course, comics. He is also a co-host of the podcast Voice of the Republic.

Email him here.