Chrome and Dust, the latest comic from Chicago-based artist Ed Siemienkowicz, begins its run on the web starting September 16. Every week a new page will appear to tell the story of two lovers who are separated for years in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and their friend who may be the key to their reunion.

A long time ago James Knox was a by-the-book cop who got results with unorthodox methods. As keeping the peace gets tougher, he needed his improvisational skills to deal with the new breed of criminals. Eve Crenshaw was his girlfriend. A third grade teacher, she did her best to stay aloof of the increasing problems in the world – until they came knocking on her door. Max Magillacuddy was a man with military training, quick wit, and a mysterious past. He and Knox became partners, and their formidable skills brought them through confrontations with, killers, looters, and every psycho who could drive a car or ride a cycle.

From the bright, self-centered 80s to Knox and Eve’s violent, desperate future, Chrome and Dust is the story of humanity tested in the face of it’s doom, of the strength of love during dark times, and of the colorful characters that inhabit it’s drab, harsh world. It’s rom-com meets Road Warrior as the pedal hits the floor, and Chrome and Dust hits the comic world with fuel-injected fury. New pages every week, and 28-page comic available for ordering, or digital download at